Forester Lake Gold Property

Accessibility, Climate, Local Resources, Infrastructure and Physiography

The Forester Lake gold property is located in northwestern Ontario, 450 km north of the City of Thunder Bay. The property is situated 100 km north-northeast of the town of Pickle Lake and 300 km northeast of the mining community of Red Lake. It is located 35 km southeast of Goldcorp Inc.'s Musselwhite gold mine.

The Property is accessible by float plane or helicopter from Pickle Lake or, during winter months, via a winter road extending north from Highway 808, approximately 50 km to the south.

The area has a continental climate, with brief warm summers and very cold winters. Freezing temperatures extend from November through April. Mineral exploration activities can be carried out on a year-round basis, however the presence of extensive bogs and small lakes suggests that activities involving heavy equipment, such as diamond drilling, would best be carried out during winter months when the terrain is frozen.

Placement of potential mining infrastructure, including tailings storage areas, waste disposal areas and processing plant sites will depend upon the location of any ore deposit which might be defined and the topographic and engineering qualities of the surrounding terrain.

Thunder Bay (population 123,000), is a source of mining and exploration personnel, equipment and supplies. Red Lake, 300 km to the southwest, could be considered a secondary source. Several lakes on and adjacent to the Property could provide sources of water. The nearest electrical transmission line is one which supplies power to Pickle Lake, 100 km to the west-southwest.

The Property is relatively flat with little topographic relief and considerable wetland areas. Outcrop is sparse, varying from an estimated 1% to 10%. Elevations range from 310m to 325m above sea level. Tree cover consists mainly of black spruce, poplar and jack pine in elevated areas and tamarack, birch and balsam in wetter low-lying areas.