Forester Lake Gold Property


A $250,000 program is recommended as an initial exploration effort on the Property. The results of this proposed work will permit the definition of diamond drill targets to follow up previous intersections and to test magnetic targets, as well as to determine if geochemical results are sufficiently encouraging to justify extending similar surveys to the remainder of the gridded area of the Property. The budget for this proposed program is shown on Table 3, below. Areas of proposed exploration are shown on Figure 9.
Figure 9
Figure 9
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  • A considerable amount of historic exploration has been carried out on the Property by previous explorers. It is recommended that this work be compiled into a GIS database on which to build results of future work. Detailed, quality geological maps are available from mapping carried out by Esso Minerals Canada, Santa Maria Resources Ltd., Placer Dome Canada Limited, Canadian Nickel Co. Ltd., Van Horne Gold Explorations Inc., and 628823 Ontario Ltd. These data should be georeferenced and compiled. Geophysical conductors and drill hole locations should also be plotted from company maps, where information allows. Note that many of the drill hole locations plotted on Figures 6 and 9 are from the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development, Mines and Forests Drillhole Database, which may contain errors. Given the poorly drained, slow growth nature of much of the property, many of the historic drill sights may be able to be accurately located using Google or satellite imagery. Drill logs and assays should be digitized and made suitable for plotting.
  • It is recommended that engagement with affected First Nations communities by senior management begin as soon as possible in order to facilitate scheduling of exploration activities.
  • It is recommended that a Central Grid be cut to cover iron formations and historic drill intersections in the central part of the property (see Figure 9). The Central Grid would encompass approximately 156 line km and would enable ground control in an area of significant interest.
  • It is recommended that a ground magnetic survey be completed on the Central Grid in order to define magnetic iron formation exploration targets.
  • It is recommended that the West Grid be extended, during winter months, to cover Sage Lake and surrounding swampy areas and that magnetic coverage be extended to cover these areas, as a considerable strike length of the target iron formation lies within these areas.
  • It is recommended that a SGH (soil gas hydrocarbons) geochemical orientation survey be carried out in the Claim PA 4260764 area. Esso Minerals Canada and Placer Dome Canada Ltd. both carried out soil and/or humus geochemistry surveys with moderately successful results. Perhaps more deeply 'penetrating' geochemistry might be more successful in identifying overburden covered bedrock gold sources. The area recommended for the orientation survey is one in which Esso identified several soil geochemical elevated gold values.

Table 3: Property - Recommended Work - Proposed Budget

Proposed Work Details Estimated Cost
Phase I
GIS Compilation $600 x 30 days $18,000
Linecutting (Central Grid, lake portion of West Grid) $800 x 166 line km. $132,800
Ground magnetometer survey $200 x 166 line km $33,200
Geochemical surveys (orientation survey) $62 x 260 samples (6.5 line km.) $16,100
First Nations consultation $22,000
Mobilization to property $15,000
Reports $12,900
Total Phase I and II $250,000